We Just Moved To Wordpress

Thanks for those who have been calling me saying my blog is so dry. Really, I'm so grateful for your concerns, at least some people are really enjoying what I'm doing, bringing you the latest news you can believe from all sources we can reach. We just want to tell you that we have moved to wordpress with good desire at  Hmm Naija. We choose to go back to our former domain name, because is being difficult with that keywords, but with HmmNaija.com we will rank to the topmost top of google. visits us now, forward your complaints to me, and I will make corrections as the regard. Here comes Hmm Naija If you think you can play with photoshop using Text, then design Hmm Naija with and a size of 900 X 100 and send it to me at newsinigeria@gmail.com You might just be looking that we might use it as one of our image headers. *smile*. Thank you all for being our support.