Strapless Bra That Defies Gravity: Inner Cups With Magnetic Force To Keep Breasts Lifted

A new strapless bra for women with larger breasts is being hailed as a 'revolution in underwear'. Using two inner cups held by a patent-pending magnetic device, the Kewi Bra, set to launch on Christmas Day for $150, claims to have a lift potential of 11.2lbs.

"A large cup size does not
have to mean a lifetime of discomfort and back pain," said Kewi Bra founder Muyiwa Olumide. "Because the bra was developed to satisfy a real need following a request from a friend of mine, great pains have been taken to ensure that the fit and comfort are absolutely perfect," he added.

After four years of research, testing, feedback analysis and working with engineers and designers, the Kewi Bra prototype was created.

Using magnetic force to convert the downward pressure of breasts into an upward lift, the Kewi Bra aims to give a customized fit for sizes D and above.

This 'floating support' is designed to relieve pressure on the shoulders, neck and back.

"The breasts are held in two inner cups which mold to the body’s unique contours," states the Kewi Bra website, which adds that the magnetic process is non-electrical, meaning exposure to water or liquids is safe. "These devices hold up the inner cups keeping the breasts slightly suspended within the bra. The use of magnetic force also serves as an artificial shock absorber during movement to hold the breasts within and conceal movement,"the website explains.

Made from a loose, thin, breathable and stretchy fabric, the inner cups are designed to "perfectly fit each breast like a sock." This is supposed to ensure that women with one larger breast feels complete comfort. Thin padding is used to conceal the inner cups so they are not felt on the body of the user.