SHOCKING NEWS - Power Of The Tongue? Read How Two Friends Died Within Days Of each other

I saw this from Aunty Linda, and I wanted to share it. So to us that do post anything on social media, because of friendship, love or just write anything to impress one or more of ours friends to caution ourselves. The power is really in our tongue and mind. Enjoy the weird news 
Want to share a strange story with you guys. Or maybe it's not so strange...just life! A guy named Albert Mlanga (pictured left) died November 25th and within a few days his burial
arrangement was concluded with the burial scheduled for the 4th of December.

Three days after Albert's passing, his
very good friend Lele Daniel Torngu (They are old boys of St. Gabriel's Secondary School Makurdi) took to FB to announce his burial arrangement...see it below

Daniel (pictured right) concluded his farewell message to Albert by assuring him of their re-union in the words "...Rest on hommie, we shal come. WE WILL COME." in caps!

Now here's the part that's kinda creepy. A few days after this post, Daniel died after complaining of a terrible headache. He didn't live to attend Albert's wake-keep. Please continue...

Not that I personally believe it, but a few people have tied Daniel's death to his confession - "we shall come," "we will come," "we will definitely see someday..." etc.

"The good book tells us in the book of Proverbs that the power of life & death is in d tongue!" one of their friends wrote on facebook.

Daniel was just 33 years old. May their souls rest in peace. See Daniel's tribute to his late friend on November 26th and reactions on Facebook after Daniel died

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