Meagan Good Done It Ago, Step Out To Public Outing With Cleavage Revealing Dress

If not because the world is coming to an end, how can a pastor's wife dress like this, and yet still find it serious that there's nothing wrong with it, but the people thinking otherwise are just but a pretenders. This was the same pastor wife that dressed in all cleavage revealing dress few months ago and
everyone was so concerned on why a pastor's wife should put on such to a public outing.

This 32-year-old actress, Meagan Good and wife of a Seventh Day Adventist, Pastor Devon Franklin stepped out in a cleavage-revealing golden dress that showed off her thigh-high slit at a movie premiere yesterday.

The Popular actress who is well known for her role as Mya in the hit movie ‘Think Like A Man’ was under attack for also wearing a cleavage-revealing dress to the BET Awards as a pastor’s wife defended herself saying;

I know my relationship with God is tight and I don’t think God is concerned about those kind of things.”

“I never forgot God was there for a second.. and would never be ashamed of what I’m wearing (in) front of him He loves me for exactly who He created me to be despite what anyone else thinks.”

What do you think of her outfit? Do you think its appropriate?

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