Man Who Cheated On Partner Ordered To Pay $50,000 After ‘Breaking Wedding Promise

A man has been hit where it hurts – in his wallet, after cheating on his fiancée and breaking his promise to marry her.

Christopher Ned Kelley was sued by the mother of his child, Melissa Cooper after she
claimed that he had ‘ruined’ their relationship by cheating on her at least twice.

And a court in Georgia has ruled that he must now pay $50,000 after they dismissed his argument that the 10-year relationship had been a form of prostitution and he had paid his former partner for sexual relations.

They heard how he had given Melissa a $10,000 engagement ring, had lived with her for more than a decade and had also fathered a child with her.

Court documents also told how Melisa had quit her job to bring up the child, but had thrown him out after she found out that he had cheated on her for at least the second time.

She went on to sue him for ‘breach of promise to marry’.

However, in court, Kelley said he had never intended to marry her and although he had given her the ring, he had never said the words ‘will you marry me’.

He also argued that the relationship had been based on a illegal pact because it had been a form of prostitution – where he paid for sexual relations.

The court ruled in favour of his former fiancée Melissa awarding the $50,000 for damages and legal fees. Kelley’s appeal was dismissed last month.

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