Iyabo Obasanjo Denies Ever Writing Any Letter To Her Dad (UPDATED)

I Did Not Write Any Letter to My Father, IYABO OBASANJO Speaks Out! December18, 2013 IYABO OBASANJO (On Rainbow FM): > "I have never seen or heard this sort of fabrication in my entire life! I, IYABO OBASANJO never contemplate writing a letter to my Loving Father. I speak with him almost on
daily bases. "Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo is the best father in the world.

He gave birth to me, he raise me up and gave me the best of Education. I wouldn't have achieve whatever I did without my father. IN FACT, WHO AM I WOTHOUT MY FATHER? "As a father he never disappoint his children in any way, he is a father anybody wish to have. "If President Jonathan want to reply the letter my father wrote him, he should be man enough to reply direct.

Why are they trying to make me a scape goat? I know my father very well and I don't question his judgement, I believe my father wrote his letter in the best intrest of the nation. If Mr. President disagree with some of the allegations in the latter, let him be man enough to talk directly to my father, he should stop involving me in an issue I know nothing about.

 "How can you write a letter to insult my father and claim I, the daughter is the source. If that is how Ijaw people insult their father, I am a Yoruba Woman, we respect our parent in all circumstances. "I IYABO OBASANJO did not write any letter. Nigerians should please take note. "The purported letter is a malicious lies intended to rubish the good name of my family, when I get to the source of the letter, I will waste no time to take the necessary legal actions. "I love my father and I never disrespect him."

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