Grandaughter Sold By A Woman

Woman Sells Granddaughter For N253,000
Police have arrested a woman in Cross River state after her daughter reported her for selling her baby for N253,000.

Miss Ndidi Nkwegu, alleged that her mother sold her baby daughter to a child trafficker, who has also been nabbed, in the neighbouring Ebonyi state, after she
sold the baby at a higher price to another ‘baby business tycoon’ based in Abuja.

“When I came back home and asked my mother for the whereabouts of my daughter, she couldn’t tell me anything reasonable.

“I discovered that she had bought so many things which she never had before; actually, my mother was never happy with me when she discovered that I was pregnant, prior to my giving birth to my baby girl.

“I had to call the police; my mother is now in police detention in Cross River State.

“After interrogation, the police discovered that she was the one who sold my baby to a woman who is a child trafficker,” she told newsmen.

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