ASUU President’s Sons In Malaysian Universities – NANS President insists

ASUU President’s sons in Malaysia universities – NANS President insists
Dear Compatriots, I consider it as a point of duty to dispute the unintelligently coined lies and mendacities posted on social media yesterday by some food-is-ready apologists of Dr. Issa Fagge, President, ASUU that my claim on the glorious sons of Fagge, schooling in
Malaysia Universities was fallacious, malicious, mischievous and far from the truth.

Fagge claimed that his sons are in Nigeria schooling in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU) and Kano State University of Science and Technology (KSUST)

Now, my posers to Fagge and his apologists goes as thus:

What are the names of Fagge’s sons in ABU and KSUST?
What are the courses of Fagge’s sons in ABU and KSUST?
What are the faculties of Fagge’s sons in ABU and KSUST?
Why is it that up till date, no one has came out to testify that he’s a course mate or a faculty mate or a school mate of Fagge’s sons in ABU and KSUST?
Can we get the pictures of Fagge’s sons snapped inside ABU and KSUST?
Can anybody from ABU post on Facebook the picture he has taken with Fagge’s son?
Interestingly, I have been to Kano, the home town of Fagge; no one countered my claim there.

See, I am not a type that propaganda can easily fool. I am not a man that can easily be deceived by mendacity and fallacy. I don’t Join multitude to take decisions. I investigate and analyze issues before taking decision. Most popular issues in Nigeria are mostly being pushed by opinion shapers. I mean those that controls the mass media.

Lastly, Dr. Fagge should be bold enough to tell the public the amount he collected from federal government on behalf of ASUU leaders for the last Sallah Celebration. More also, Fagge should come out to tell the general public the amount he collected from federal government to organize the branch congresses of ASUU that took place a month ago across our citadels of learning.

I promise to update the public with the names, varsities and matriculation numbers of Fagge’s sons in Malaysia before this week runs out.

God Bless NIGERIA!
God bless NANS

Yinka Gbadebo, President, NANS

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