60 Years Old Man Set Freed After Being Caught Having Sex With 11 Years Old Girl

A 60-year-old man who was caught having sex with an 11-year-old girl would not be completing his 5-year sentence because the court thinks the couple are in love.
The supreme court in Catanzaro, Italy, annulled a five-year jail term and ruled that it was a 'real relationship.'
The young girl is said to be from a disadvantaged background and was in
the care of a man who works for the town's social services department.

However, police raided the man's seaside villa to find the pair naked in bed together.
The man was earlier jailed for 5 years for sexual violence against a minor. However the child has now claimed that she is in love with the elderly man so the court ruled the pair have a 'romantic relationship'.
The case is being sent back to the Catanzaro court for a retrial and there are expected to be several levels of appeal

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