15 Killed In Bank Robbery In Offa, Kwara State

Robbery In Offa - 15 Policemen, Bankers, Bystanders Killed

Armed robbers stormed Offa, Kwara State around 4:30pm on Thursday 19th December, 2013 and attacked commercial banks in the area.

They came fully armed with various guns and explosives with which they blew open the doors of First bank and GTbank.

They gained entry into Ecobank through a side door without the use of explosives.

It was said that they didn't get money from some of the banks as it was past closing time and some of the banks have moved their cash into the vault.

GTbank was worst hit as people were killed inside the banking hall. As of the time I am posting this we are not sure if the casualties are customers or Bankers, but since the robbery took place after working hours (9am-2pm in Offa) it is assumed they are bankers.

The robbers also took to the street killing innocent people who mistakenly ran into them when the robbery began. They also went to the police station at Owode where they killed some Policemen and even people in the cell.

Death toll is said to be about 15 people.

I have walked into town and seen blood on the streets where people died and the havoc wreked at the banks. I will upload pictures in the morning.

RIP to the dead.
Obviously no bank will open for business again in Offa till next year