R. Kelly And Lady Gaga Having Se*x On Stage? [PHOTOS]

Lady Gaga is no stranger to head-spinning and jaw-dropping performances but last night, the Grammy winner lured the king of R&B R. Kelly into partaking in her stage antics. The duo performed her hot new joint, Do What U Want on the Saturday Night Live and reports say it was like a ‘live se*x scene’.

According to necholebitchie, there was a lot of ass-slapping, dry humping and straddling going on during their performance and if this isn’t the most awkward performance you may ever see…then nothing may ever happen again!


Reports claims, the performance even got more exotic as Kelz tried to get out of the creepy, pervert box he’s been in over the last years but it also brought back memories of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s famous MTV VMA performance.

However, the both appeared and remained fully dressed, both are single and Gaga manged to keep her tongue in her mouth.

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