Anambra "Jaga Jaga" Election: PDP Candidate's Name Missing, Widespread Rigging

The governorship election which took place in Anambra State on Saturday 16th November, 2013, is nothing but a sham exercise. Even if INEC deny that it is working to favour any particular candidate, the processes on the ground is a total mess in several areas, our online source gathered.

While INEC assured all Nigerians that materials for the election have been moved to the local areas before the day of the election, sources on ground say it is a
big lie. Many pulling units didn't have any sign of men and women from INEC as late as at 12noon.

Senate Committee chairman on INEC, Senator Andy Uba said only about 70 people could locate their names in his pulling unit that has over 500 registered voters. As for PDP candidate, Tony Nwoye, his name and those of his parent were completely missing in the INEC register sent to his unit. Very funny!

Consequently, the PDP candidate could not vote in Saturday’s election at his Nsugbe Ward 1 polling booth in the Anambra East Local Government Area. Also, his parent were unable to vote just as he alleged that over 30 percent of his supporters were disenfranchised as they could not trace their names in the register.

INEC men on ground could not give reasons for the omission of names even when they all have valid voters card. Many are wondering if INEC chairman, Prof Attahiru Jega, is really competent for this job.

In his reaction, the PDP candidate, Mr Nwoye, said the rigging of the election was pre-planned and the style he observed that was adopted by APGA in connivance with INEC was to remove people’s name from the voter’s register especially in areas where APGA lacked support.

Nwoye said the same list that was used to disenfranchise him and his parents was the same list that they used in voting in the last election and wondered how this time around over 30 percent of the registered names were missing. He said he tried to communicate to Prof Jega but the INEC boss was incommunicado.

The APC too are already complaining as "proper" election did not take place in many of their strong holds in the state. They are calling for the cancellation of the election due to rigging in several areas.

OluFamous.Com gathered that INEC has been forced to reschedule election in 65 Wards, already.

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