Trigger-Happy Police Sergeant Shoots Apprentice, Attempts Escaping

Ibrahim Adamu Garkida, a 20-year-old panel-beating apprentice, was shot by a trigger-happy police sergeant, yesterday, at a popular mechanic workshop in Gadar Adeleke Area of Katsina municipal.
It was gathered that the incidence, which caused uproar, occurred around
9 o’clock in the morning when workers in the workshop were getting set for the day’s work.
Narrating the incidence to journalist on his hospital bed, the victim said he was at the workshop when the police sergeant, said to be serving at ECO Bank adjacent the mechanic workshop, stormed the workshop.
“He came to our workshop wielding his gun saying, if you run, I will shoot. Some of the boys there ran away but I stayed because we did nothing wrong and he made good his threat by shooting me. He was about running away when people who heard both the gun shot and my shout overpowered him and captured him,” Adamu added.

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