Police Apprehend Man Who Killed His Mother For Rituals

Police Apprehend Man Who Killed His Mother For Rituals

Men of the Nigerian Police Force have arrested a man identified as Mr Tonna Enedo for killing his own mother for the purpose of money-making rituals. Confessing to the crime, Mr Enedo said:

“I was asked by the chief priest of the society that if I wanted to
be rich, I should go and have fun with a mad woman. I should also go and sleep with a body for seven hours; I should fast for seven days dry. I was told that I would first kill my father and the last stage is that I will go mad and after I might have completed all the condition, I will become the richest man in Africa, if not in the whole world.”

Mr Enedo blamed his action on his quest to make money at all cost. He said he has already slept in a mortuary for seven hours as one of the conditions for the money-making rituals. He was arrested by policemen deployed from the Obosi Police Division in Anambra state.

Enedo hails from Obosi in Idemili North Local Government Area of the state.

He said he has met all other conditions and was planning to kill his father when he mistakenly killed his mother. He said it was after he hit a metal on her head that he realised he had killed the woman he loved most.

Now his money rituals venture has been cancelled as he will be prosecuted for his crime.

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