Only Bold Man Can Marry Me - Actress Dayo Amusa

What could be responsible for your dating several men yet you're not married?
If I’m in a relationship and it doesn’t work for me, I believe I have the right to opt out because I deserve to be happy. So, if I’m in a relationship and I’m not getting the happiness I desire, I can’t be crucified for walking out of it. After all, I’m not married to
such person.

So, why is Dayo Amusa not yet married?
I’ll get married when I meet a man that is bold enough to date a woman like me. Women like us need special men that understand the way we need to be treated for us to settle down.

If that man is not available yet, then I won’t jump into marriage because people feel I should have been married now. Because I am not yet married doesn’t mean I won’t get married. Besides, marriage is not a do-or-die affair.

Although it is honourable and it is a good thing to enjoy, if the right man is not there, I would rather remain single than find myself in a marriage that I will end up regretting.

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