Mother Of Quadruplets Cries Out For Help In Abuja

photo -- Mother Of Quadruplets Cries Out For Help In Abuja
Abuja -- A mother-of five who delivered quadruplets half a year ago has pleaded with the authorities and well-meaning Nigerians for help.
Mrs. Alice Akor gave birth to the four babies on April 23, 2013 at the National Hospital in Abuja, and her family has been struggling to make the ends meet ever
Mrs. Akor, a National Diploma (ND) holder, says she owes around N700,000 in hospital bills.
Before giving birth to the quadruplets, she was earning money from selling clothes, but had to stop due to the financial burden and physical demands of raising her children.
She says she thought she was pregnant with only one baby. As the couple are already parents to a boy, they prayed for one more. Their wish was to have two children, the woman adds.
Mrs. Akor says her husband had to borrow money to pay for the medical bills before she and the newborns could be discharged from the hospital.
Now, she begs Nigerians and the Government to assist her family.
She now fears about her children's future, as she would like them to attend higher educational institutions in the future. The time has come to start building a capital for that, she says.
Feeding the children with milk formula costs no less than N15,000 every week, her husband doen not have any job at the moment, and she currently is unable to work, too.
The mother of a large family says the quadruplets were a divine gift, so they could not query God or reject the children. She says they accept things as they are, and will seek for a way to bring the children up.
But in this, the woman says, they will need the help of the Government and other Nigerians.

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