Mom Almost Tore Off 6-Year-Old Son's Genitals, Tried To Superglue The Wound

photo -- Mom Almost Tore Off 6-Year-Old Son's Genitals, Tried To Superglue The Wound
United States, Texas -- A mom is facing assault charges after nearly pulling off her six-year-old son's genitals during a fit of rage and then trying to repair his wound with superglue.
Jennifer Marie Vargas, 34, is a civilian living at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, where the boy's father is in the Army. She was arrested on Wednesday and has been charged by the FBI with an assault resulting in serious bodily injury. Vargas remains in
custody pending a bail hearing, and faces up to 10 years in prison.
The incident happened on September 27 at the family's home at the military base.
Prosecutors say the father returned home from work and found his injured son crying in his bedroom. The father noticed bloody tissue in the boy's underwear and the severe injury to his scrotum. He took his son to the medical center, where doctors found that the boy had a four centimeters long laceration to his scrotum and bruising to his penis area.
The boy is currently recovering from surgery and remains in his father's custody.
Vargas admitted that she grabbed the boy by the scrotum and pulled him to her as hard as she could, thereby ripping his "sack" and causing a laceration.
Vargas told FBI agents that she cleaned the wound with alcohol and then tried to fix it with superglue. She applied superglue to the boy's scrotum until the bleeding stopped, stuffed his underwear with paper towels, and then told him to go to bed. She did not seek any type of medical treatment for the child.
Vargas was not charged until now because the matter still was under investigation.


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