Beverly Osu Denies Being The Lady In The P*rn Movie Pictures, Cries Out That Nigerians Don't Appreciate Their Own

Beverly Osu has denied being the lady in the p*rn pictures that went viral five days ago.
In the pictures, a young lady that looks exactly like Beverly was engaged in some se*ual act that made people conclude Beverly acted in a p*rn movie.

Here's what Bev told
Encomium Magazine:
You have been under lots of criticisms, what would you say are the pains and gains of being Nigeria’s representative at BBA?
I am usually a busy person.  I don’t have a schedule.  That’s a good thing because good things have been coming my way since the show.  Of course, there would always be negative tales.  The pains are the things I hear about myself which are quite ridiculous.  They are not true.  Although you ignore them but at times they affect your work.
On Thursday, October 17, 2013, two pictures went viral depicting you had actually acted in a real porn movie, what’s your take on that?
I saw the pictures too.  Sincerely, looking at the pictures they really look like me and they are not photoshop.  I was, ‘Oh, my God!’
I can’t deny the fact that they look like me but it’s not me.  If they were photoshop I would have just ignored it but it’s real.  I don’t know who the person is but it’s exactly like me. However, those who know me very well can depict the truth that it’s not me.

They can do what they want to do but it would only make me stronger.

Nigerians don’t appreciate their own. It doesn’t happen like that internationally.  They appreciate their own.  When I went to Tanzania, I know how they gave me a celebrity welcome.  I think we should just start with our own. I just lost my grandmother and my mum and I are looking for ways to give her a befitting burial.  It’s not easy, I am just trying to keep calm.
How then have you been handling the scandals?
Sincerely, I just pray.  However, I still have them at the back of my mind.  There is no how they can go off immediately.  It affects my attitude sometimes.  At such times, I refuse to have conversation with anybody.  I just want to stay alone.
Nonetheless, it pushes me to put more effort in projects that fall across my path.  It helps clear my mind from negative atmosphere.
So many people still believe you owe Nigerians unreserved apology for your act in BBA, what’s your take on that?
I cannot apologize for what I don’t know.  What exactly did I do? I don’t feel sorry.  They are living their lives and I am living my own life.  The only difference between us is because my own is public.  And they enjoyed the platform.
If you guys were locked up for 91 days you would appreciate it. It’s only someone who is involved that can speak for another person.  I am a kind of person who doesn’t criticize other people and I don’t think others should criticize me.
Angelo was here in Nigeria, what is going on between the two of you and is it for real?
Angelo and I are now an item.
What do you mean by that?
It simply means we have become an item together.  I won’t say more than that.

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