''The Father Of My Children Called Me A 'H00ker' And Dumped Me Since 2007''... Afrocandy

The Nigerian movie star and mother of 2 who is based in America told National Mirror that her movies are not p*rn but adult movies. She also spoke about how her husband dumped her and her 2 daughter, her offer of a movie role to BBA finalist, Beverly Osu, and declared that she can pose n^de for a magazine.

Why did you go into p*rn*graphic movies?

I did not go into p*rn*graphic movies. I reiterate that I
am not into p*rn*graphy and it seems the press and Nigerians are really wishing I did. I started doing regular movies with some sort of n*dity or ad*lt content but they kept saying p*rn, p*rn and calling me a p*rn star. I have cleared the air several times in my interviews but I don’t think you guys get it all. Do you call Hollywood movies they show on HBO p*rn*graphic? Do you call movies like Basic Instinct, Monster Ball, Savages and so on p*rn*graphic? I guess it’s because I am a Nigerian, that’s why. Anyway, since you guys can’t get it, I will just do a hardc0re p*rn*graphy so you can all get off by back.

What have you benefitted from them?

What else is the purpose of going into so-called projects? I guess money and fame? So I benefitted that from them. Case closed.

How do you feel that many Nigerians are not pleased with your brazenness?

Brazenness? Oh no you didn’t! I can’t believe anybody even uses that word. For your info, it’s only about 15% of Nigerians that pretend not to like it but guess what, they chase me around, follow me around, if they don’t really like what I do, why follow me around? It’s only because they are hypocrites.

Can you pose n*de for a magazine?

Yes, I can pose n^de for a magazine 200%.

What are you trying to actually achieve with your p*rn movies?

OK, well, if you still call them p*rn movies, they are not. And I am trying achieve success, money, fame and a secured future for my daughters.

How old are you now?

I turned 42 in July.

Your ex-husband said he came to Nigeria to marry a hooker. How do you feel about that?

Well, I wouldn’t care about what a disgruntled ex-husband is going about saying. I am not a ‘h00ker.’ I have not hooked up with his father, his brothers or anybody he knows before. Every allegation against me is false, merely based on assumptions and hearsay.

I guess you should be asking me how I manage to single handedly raise the children he abandoned me with since 2007. When he abandoned us, he went to Nigeria and sold the home I struggled to build for us. I did not ask him for a dime. He never even mentions that in any interview, yet he has no shame tarnishing my image everywhere, not caring about how the children will eat, survive, cloth or if there’s a roof over their heads. At least I did not walk away like his coward ass.

If he had any conscience, he should be praying for me, not trying to pull me down. As a matter of fact, he has not spent a dime on raising the children since 2007. Fact is, I have moved on and I’m focusing on my career and raising my kids. I guess it’s time to put this nonsense to a stop. And to you press, this is the last time I will entertain any questions that has to do with my ex or broken marriage. An ex is an ex, so please, leave it where it belongs. Thank you!

How do you feel that Beverly Osu has refused your offer of a role in your controversial movies?

Fact is, I wasn’t even serious about the so-called offer, I was just mocking her, and if you read my post, it was rather sarcastic. I didn’t expect it to go viral and how could anybody even take that serious?

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