MIRACULOUS ESCAPE: Woman Escapes Death After Container Fell On Her Car (Pictures)

Its simply impossible! How can one survive this scenerio as seen in the picture when its not a movie?

This what happened to a Chinese woman made a miraculous escape after her car was crushed by a giant container as she was driving alongside a lorry carrying the huge, orange box, which suddenly listed to one side.
More pictures of her escape after the cut:

The container fell off the side of the lorry, flattening the top half of the car which came to a halt on the road in China.
Firefighters were called to the scene just 1pm on Saturday, but had to wait almost twenty minutes for a crane powerful enough to life the container off of the car.
Rescuers and members of the crowd which had gathered were then astounded to hear a voice from inside the car shouting for help.
They were able to cut the car open with tools and pull the woman, who had sustained no serious injuries, to safety.
What a miracle…am speechless!


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