'Focus On Your Music'--Fans Tells Muna Abii 'You & Your Ancestors Are Broke'--Muna Replies

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In recent times, Nigerian celebrities have had to engaged some of their fans in a dirty exchange of unpleasant words on a social networking platform, Twitter. Davido, Wizkid are few of those who have fallen victims of such. One cannot forget so soon how Wizkid called a fan broke just because he was corrected of a grammatical error and told of the need to return to school after he
reportedly dropped out.

Now, it is Munachi Abii, who was formerly a beauty queen and now a rapper. Since she joined the music industry, she has not risen to the top. Some have even forgotten that she raps because she has not made much impact to get the needed recognition.

Few days ago, she decided to go raw with a fan on twitter and went as far as cursing the fan's ancestors, who she described as 'broke'.

Muna had tweeted that she fell off her seat when Teyana Taylor called Rihanna an industry pus*y. A fan then replied her that she (Muna) wasn't as rich as the artiste she was making jest of. The ex-beauty queen found offence in that and responded "when mansions are talking, face me I face you too wants to talk.". This got a prompt response from the same fan who told the rapper that Muna's ‚ÄĚhouse was closer to a face me I face you than his (the fan)."

Another fan on twitter then advised Muna to devote much of her time to her music rather than tweeting, maybe she would then move to the next level by doing good songs. .

An angry Muna then replied that the fan and his generation were broke. She was criticised for her comment by some furious fans on twitter.

Many have continued to wonder why Nigerian celebs are quick to called their fans broke at the slightest provocation. Does having a camera advantage make them richer than others? Some have advised public figures to get those to train them on the maintenance of stardom

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