Baba Fryo: "I Will Be Back This Year"

Baba Fryo: "I Will Be Back This Year"
Friday Igwe, known under his stage name Baba Fryo, is a Nigerian musician who rose to fame in the late 90′s and early 2000's. Recent interview with him shows that the entertainer is full of plans, and we will hear of him anytime soon.

On his life now: "I am living a very simple life, trying to re-arrange myself, since my last record label O'jez Music frustrated me. I am trying to pick up myself again. If you listen to
Peter Tosh, in one of his songs he said: "I got to pick up myself, dust myself up, and start all over again." So, I just want to start all over again, as if I have not done music at all. I have some beautiful tracks right now. I will release one on air as a single.
On being frustrated: "My album was delayed for three years. Is that not frustration? Already, I have taken my mind off music. I was made to feel as if I am no longer doing music again. He didn't make me feel as if I am still in the industry.
On terms of the contract: "For me, I refused to sign any contract when time has been far spent. It took them three years to draft a contract, as against when I started with them, spanning one to three years. You are now asking me to sign a contract. I am not a baby in this industry. That is why today, artistes pay for their songs to be on CD compilation, and also pay the marketer to sell their music. The music industry is already corrupt. It has cancer for now.
On the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) royalties: "People that are being paid now are members of COSON. I am not a member of COSON, but a member of MCSN (Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria). MCSN and all others are having issues. They don't have time to look for money. Everything about our royalty is pending. While I was there, they usually give us something no matter how small. I used to be a member of PMRSN (Performing and Mechanical Rights Society of Nigeria), that is the former COSON. I left because they were not working well

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